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How to Hide Product Prices in Shopify
How to Hide Product Prices in Shopify
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Important: Please ensure Quotemachine has been added to your Shopify store and extensions are enabled. To do so, go here.

In order to give you flexibility on what your customers can see in your quote cart, you have the ability to hide product prices on all product pages.

Note: If no rules are set this will apply to all products.

To set rules on when to hide your prices navigate to Eccomerce, then Rules Engine.

You can set your attributes as per your likings, enable the feature and save.

In the example below, prices will not show if the product is out of stock.

Note: if you'd like click "Add new rule" to add as many rules to this feature as you would like. To disable the rule turn off the toggle as shown below.

Important: You must apply save your change for the rules to just set to take effect.

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