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Customizing Email Signatures
Customizing Email Signatures
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You can now create email signatures for all your users! These will appear at the bottom of every email sent through QuoteMachine. They let your customers know who's handling their order or project, enabling them to communicate directly with that person if needed. To create your email signature follow the steps outlined below.

Start by navigating to My Account then Users, and select a user.

Important: depending on how your account permissions are set up, only Administrators will have access to the users. If you can't find the Users tab, contact your account administrator to help you set up your email signature.

Select Signature.

There, insert all your information, you can drag and drop your company logo in the Logo section as well.

After you've entered all your information, toggle on the Enable button and click Submit.

Now when a user with an email signature sends out a document, whether that's a quote, order, or invoice, the document will be followed by the email signature.

Note: The email signature is sent out depending on the person sending the email, not the person assigned to the document.

If you're experiencing any issue setting up your email signatures, please contact our support team by clicking on the pink chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner, or emailing us at [email protected].

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