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Assign employee to line item
Assign employee to line item

How to different employees to different line items in an order

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There's different scenarios where it can be convenient to assign different employees to different line items in an order.

For example:

  • Commission-based sales, multiple employees can contribute to a sale and will get commissioned based on that.

  • When sales orders are used as work orders, employees can be assigned to lines and in charge of delivering a specific item

By default, every line on an order is assigned to the creator/assignee of the order. To change the employee assigned to a line item, click the three dots next to the line item, and click ''Assigned User''.

After you click on that, a pop-up will show up where you can change the assigned user. Simply click the name of the employee that you want to assign, and click the blue ''Change Assigned User'' button which will save your choice.

When you assign an employee to a line item that's different from the creator/assignee of the overall order, you will see the name show up.

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