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What's New! Summer '22
What's New! Summer '22

Bulk edits, automatic reminders, SMS, oh my! Checkout the new features and updates we’ve brought you so far in 2022.

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We now offer the ability to text out QuoteMachine documents, and communicate with your customers through a brand new channel. Send your quotes, orders and invoices through SMS just as easily as you do through email!

Learn more about our SMS feature here.

Control your email notifications

We have made it easier for you to manage your email notifications! You can now control what type of customer interactions you want to be notified of and only receive those specific notifications.

Learn more about configuring your email notifications here.

Bulk change order statuses

If you have multiple orders that are ready to get sent out or going in for repair, you can now update the order statuses of as many orders as you’d like all at once!

Learn more about bulk changing order statuses here.

Add custom forms to Order Forms (formerly Price Lists)

The custom forms you know and love are now available for order form! Ask your customers to fill in a field, and collect the information you need for your business. These custom forms can be dates (as shown in the example below), text boxes, drop down lists, etc.

Learn more about custom forms here.

Bulk edit a pricing table

Whether you’re creating a quote, an order, or an invoice, you can now save time by bulk editing your pricing table to apply changes to all or multiple items at once! For example, if you need to apply discounts to most items, but not all, you now have the option to select as many items as you wish to apply the changes. You can also apply interactive features the same way!

Learn more about bulk editing a pricing table here.

Learn more about the interactive features available here.

Automatic reminders on unpaid invoices

We are now offering merchants the option to enable automatic reminders for unpaid invoices for all your customers. You can even have it set up to send multiple reminders if you want customers to be reminded both before and after the due date.

Learn more about configuring automatic reminders here.

We’re now on Shopify!

We're live on Shopify! This new integration brings QuoteMachine's features to merchants using Shopify POS and/or E-commerce

[Note: you cannot connect to Shopify and Lightspeed simultaneously]

Learn more about our Shopify Integration here

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