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Automatic Reminders for Unpaid Invoices
Automatic Reminders for Unpaid Invoices

How to set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices

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As a merchant, you would like to have your invoices paid in time and sometimes reminders are needed in order to remind your customers to pay the invoice.

QuoteMachine now offers the option to install automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

To set up the automatic reminders, go to "My account" in the menu and then scroll down to "Automation Settings". To set up a new reminder, click the blue "Add a new reminder" button.

Once you've clicked the button, the reminder interface shows up. Here you'll be able to set up several things such as how many days before the due date you want to send the reminder, and you can configure the email that goes with the reminder as well.

Once you've set up the reminder to your liking, click the blue "Confirm" button to save it. Once saved, the reminder will automatically be sent out to the customers of your unpaid invoices.

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