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How to set up taxes rates in QuoteMachine

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You can access the tax setup from the "My account" menu, then click on the "Taxes" tab. Click here to access it.

Create your taxes

Use the "Create Tax" button to create a new rate, or click on the tax name to edit an existing Tax.

The Tax name visible on your document is controlled by the name field next to "Tax rates". You can leverage this field to display your tax number as explained in this article.

Map your taxes with your other software

To ensure your QuoteMachine sales will correctly sync with your other software like QuickBooks or Lightspeed, you need to map them so your other software understands which tax rates to apply on their end.

Make sure to select the tax rate that correspond to the one set in QuoteMachine.

If you don't see any relevant tax rate in the "external tax" drop down, you might need to create it in your other software too (For example, Lightspeed R-Series users can read Lightspeed's support documentation here about this).

After setting up taxes in your POS you'll have to map them in QuoteMachine in order

Hit the ''Save'' button when you're done, so that your settings will be saved.

Once you have the taxes set up and mapped, you will be able to use them on your QuoteMachine documents.

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