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Work Orders for Lightspeed Retail X-series + QuoteMachine
Work Orders for Lightspeed Retail X-series + QuoteMachine

Use QuoteMachines' order feature to create workorders from Lightspeed Retail X-series

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QuoteMachines' order feature is a great tool to bring the work order functionality into your Lightspeed Retail X-series (vend) POS. This article explains the different steps in creating one, and all of the features within a QuoteMachines order that can be helpful.

Watch the video below or, scroll down to follow a step-by-step guide.

To start a work order directly from your Lightspeed Retail X-series (vend) POS, be sure to have the QuicKeys set up. If you do not, see how here.

Start a Work Order

A work order can be started directly from your Lightspeed Retail X-series (vend) POS;

Select the pay button to create the work order.

Or, you may start one directly in QuoteMachine;

Take a deposit

You have the option of taking a deposit directly in Lightspeed Retail X-series;

Or, they also take a deposit directly on the work order in QuoteMachine; this is helpful if you wish to apply multiple deposits throughout the process.

Note that you are able to change the amount of deposit required on the order as you go along;

Set your status

Work orders have customizable statuses that you can change yourself (see how to create them here)

If you send out an external copy of this work order, the status will be automatically updated on that copy when you change it internally.

Leave notes

There are two different places to leave notes on a work order.

Last internal notes section could be used for general note concerning the order as a whole;

And the notes on the individual line items could be used to leave notes about that specific line;

Edit your work order

At any point you can edit your order, to add items, remove items change the prices etc.

Send a copy to your customer.

Use the email button to send a copy of this work order to either the customer or another staff member;

You can change the email recipient;

Create and use different work order templates

In your sales tools tab of QuoteMachine, select the sales order tab. Here you were able to create multiple work order templates.

When creating a work order, you can switch between template; click here to see how to do so.

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