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Quick Start Guide for Lightspeed eCom + QuoteMachine
Quick Start Guide for Lightspeed eCom + QuoteMachine

How to start using QuoteMachine with Lightspeed eCom

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This guide is specifically for users who wish to use QuoteMachine as an integration to Lightspeed Ecom.

If you are using another app and wish to integrate QuoteMachine with it, or if you are using QuoteMachine on its own, please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate Quick Start Guide.

Note: this Quick Start Guide works best for Lightspeed eCom users only. If you are a Lightspeed Retail user as well, please follow the steps in this Quick Start Guide for the best experience.

Getting started with QuoteMachine and Lightspeed eCom is simple. Use the guide below to help, and don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for more information!

Connect Lightspeed eCom with new QuoteMachine accounts:

  • Only admin users should connect to the store

  • Other users should be created directly in QuoteMachine and login with their credentials

  • Find us in the Lightspeed App Store.

Connect Lightspeed eCom with existing QuoteMachine accounts:

  • Log into your existing QuoteMachine account, and then follow the steps below to connect with Lightspeed eCom

1 - Connect the Lightspeed eCom integration

In your existing Lightspeed eCom account, go to ''Apps'' and then to the ''App Store''. Look up ''QuoteMachine'', and click on ''Install App''.

After installing the app, you will be prompted to grant access to QuoteMachine.

After granting access, you will be redirected to the QuoteMachine app. When you go to ''My Account'' --> ''Integrations'', you should see the Lightspeed eCom integration.

2 - Setting up payments

To correctly receive payments, you have to activate the ''Pay by Invoice'' provider in Lightspeed. To do that, go to ''Settings'' --> ''Payment Providers'' --> ''Add Payment Provider'' and then next to Pay by Invoice, click on ''Add''. This will automatically become the default payment method when making an invoice in QuoteMachine.

After installing QuoteMachine, there are a couple of things that you should check:

  • The ''Tax exempt'' tax in QuoteMachine should have an external link to a 0% tax in Lightspeed eCom

  • Products and customers should automatically be imported

  • QuoteMachine doesn't support variants, meaning that each variant of a product will appear as an individual product

3 - Sending your first invoice

At this moment, QuoteMachine only exports sent invoices to Lightspeed eCom. This means that even if you create a quote or order in QuoteMachine (instead of an invoice), you will have to create an invoice and send it to your customer before it appears in Lightspeed.

For a detailed guide on how to create and send an invoice, read this article.

4 - Setting up a ''Request a Quote'' form

It can be very convenient to let your customers easily request a quote directly from your website. For a detailed guide on how to set up the ''Request a Quote'' form, read this article.

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