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Attaching PDFs to account statements
Attaching PDFs to account statements

How to to attach PDFs to your account statements

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You can automatically include a PDF attachment when sending an account statement from QuoteMachine by email.

It is always better for customers to use the online version of a document because it is always up to date and contains interactive features like online payments. In some cases, for instance, when customers only have access to their emails and can't browse the web, it could be relevant to attach a PDF directly to your emails.

When sending an individual account statement, you will notice the option to include a PDF. Simply check off this box to do so.

If you want this option to be checked off all the time, you can edit the email template for sending statements. This email template can be updated from the Sales tools menu, then by editing the "Send account statement" template (click here to access this template)

When setting up statement automation, you also have the option to automatically include PDF attachments.

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