Adding an event to a calendar

How to add an event to a calendar from any document in QuoteMachine

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QuoteMachine offers the ability to schedule events with a customer, such as pickups or in-store appointments. In QuoteMachine, you can send your customer a scheduling page, or add an event from any document.

Learn about sending scheduling pages here.

Adding an event to a QuoteMachine document is simple. Start by navigating to either quotes, orders, or invoices from the sidebar (depending on what document you want to add an event to).

Then, click directly on the document you want to work on. In this example, I am adding an event to an invoice.

Next, click the add event button in the top panel, under the document name.

This will prompt you to create a new calendar event. Select the calendar you want to add the event to from the dropdown menu.

Then, select the time slot you want to add the event to (you'll be able to edit this in the next step), and click confirm.

Next, you can finalize the details of your event including; giving it a title, selecting the contact and staff member it's assigned too, giving it a description and internal notes, etc. Press the save icon to save your event.

Now you'll see that your newly created event appears under the customer information on the document you're working on, as well as in your event page!

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