Creating Scheduling Pages in QuoteMachine

How to create scheduling pages and send them to your customers

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Scheduling appointments, meetings, pickups, etc., using a 3rd party app can be a hassle. QuoteMachine’s built in scheduling feature makes it easy for you and your customers.

Requirement: Create a calendar using these steps

Creating Scheduling Pages

Using the sidebar, navigate to the Appointments menu.

Next, navigate to the Scheduling pages tab then use the New scheduling page button on the upper right to generate a new scheduling page.

The following menu will pop up. Select which calendar you want the scheduling page to link to, create a customer facing title, and add a location. Press the create scheduling page button to save your details and create the page. You can create as many different scheduling pages as your business needs.

Customizing your scheduling pages

Now that you’ve created scheduling pages, you’ll want to send them to your customers so they can book time slots. Before you can do this, you’ll need to configure your email messages, and activate your scheduling pages. You can also customize where your scheduling pages are available from using the steps in this article.

To start, click directly on the scheduling page you want to work on.

This will open the details page. Here, you can change which employee the calendar is assigned to, configure email templates, edit the internal title, and change where the scheduling page is available to be sent from.

Sending your scheduling pages

Sending your scheduling pages to your customers can be done in several ways.

Option 1: Send directly from the scheduling page tab

Use the sidebar to once again navigate to the scheduling tab, and click directly on the scheduling page you want to send.

Then, click the send scheduling page in the bottom right corner.

This will pull up a page where you can enter the customer's email and send it directly to them. You can also edit the email to add a personal touch.

Option 2: Send from a quote, order, or invoice

Follow the steps in this article to send scheduling pages from quotes, orders, or invoices.

Editing Scheduling Pages Template

Lastly, you may want to edit your scheduling pages to include branding, photos, or other elements.

To do so, click on the "Sales tools" menu from the sidebar.

Select the scheduling page templates option. Then, you can follow the steps in this article to edit your templates.

List of All Events

If you are looking for a quick overview of all your events, or if you easily want to find one of your events to edit/delete them, you can do so by going to the ''Events'' tab under the ''Scheduling'' menu option.

The events page will also allow you to filter your events on things such as user, location, date, and contact to make the process of searching a lot easier.

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