Invoicing workflow in a Golf Environment

Invoicing for events when using QuoteMachine integrated with Lightspeed Golf

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QuoteMachine can collect payments through Quotes and Invoices.

All payments collected by QuoteMachine are synchronized with Lightspeed and are visible under the customer's credit account/house account from the Lightspeed Retail Point Of Sale.

Quotes and invoice do not affect a customer's balance the same way


A quote does not create an owing balance on the customer's account.

Quotes can be used to collect deposits. Every deposit will affect the customer's balance positively.

Screenshot showing the deposit collected from a quote applied to a new customer's account in Lightspeed automatically.


When an invoice is created, the balance owing is reflected right away in Lightspeed. The invoice is charged on the customer's credit account. Future payments or deposits will be applied to that owing balance.

Some facilities like to issue the final invoice from the Lightspeed Restaurant Point Of Sale, in this case, no invoice should be created from QuoteMachine and all the deposits collected from QuoteMachine quotes will be available to apply from the Restaurant Point of Sale.

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