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Creating a Return and Refund in QuoteMachine
Creating a Return and Refund in QuoteMachine
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In order to issue a refund in QuoteMachine, you must issue a return first. We will go over the steps below on how to process a return, and subsequently its refund.

Although we highly recommend creating returns directly from invoices rather than building a return from scratch, we will be providing instructions on how to do both.

Issuing a Return from the Invoice

When viewing an Invoice, you will have the option to create a Return from the bottom-left.

In the New Return pop-up, select which items are to be returned, and click Create Return.

You will then be presented with the Return Document. You can click Edit design to modify the appearance of your document before it is sent out to your customer.

Note: When returning an item, the unit of the item in the pricing table should be negative to represent a return.

In the example below, returning 1 coffee table shows a unit of -1 in the pricing table in the return document.

From here, you can add internal notes to each item being return.

Once satisfied, simply click Mark as done.

Refunding the payment

You will be presented with the Refund popup where you can choose to Refund the payment or provide an On Account Credit Memo.

Listed are all the payments that are available to be refunded. In order to issue the refund, select the payment using the checkbox.

You can then determine to refund the entire amount to the Original Method of payment, or split the amount to various forms of payment.

To split the amount, simply type in a lower amount in the Amount to refund field and then click the Add refund method button. Select the Method of payment and the amount to be refunded to it. You can add as many of these as you need up to the maximum Refundable Amount.

Once the total left to refund equals 0$, click Refund to process it.

Refunding as an On Account credit memo

You can also simply refund the amount as a credit memo to the customer's account.

You can add notes to the Credit Memo, and click Refund to issue it.

Finally, you will be presented with your Refund confirmation detailing every Payment Document created for the purpose of your refund.


Note: Refunds cannot be made to a different credit card that was not used for the original payment.

Note: Refunds to the original payment method typically works even if the card is expired. If it fails, however, the refund can’t be processed online.

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