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How to bulk print & email Account Statements + Invoices
How to bulk print & email Account Statements + Invoices

QuoteMachine allows you to print and email large batches of account statements

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You are now able to print and/or email large batches of account statements or invoices to send to your clients. Watch the instructional video below, or scroll down to follow the step by step guide.

Here's what account statements contain:

  • List of all the outstanding invoices (with links to access them individually) 

  • List of all Credit Memos that haven't been spent

  • Ageing report (see help on how to add this into your statements)

  • Payment button (optional) 

  • Your custom content just like with any other document in QuoteMachine (text, images, etc.).

Start in the contacts section of QuoteMachine. As seen in the photo below, select the contacts for whom you want to print or email Account statements. You may also select all your contacts, by clicking the box in the middle of the page. 

Another option, is to use the search bar to select specific contacts. 

Now, select 'create account statements'

In this menu, we have a few options. You may either send all account statements by email, or prepare them to print. Note the 3rd option, to print only if no email is available. Select your options and click start. 

This may take a few minutes, and the documents for printing will sent to your email address. 

You will notice a confirmation message on the bottom of your screen, confirming the operation has been completed. 

You can also bulk print or create PDF's of invoices at once or mass send emails to your customers.

First, you'll want to go into the invoices section of QuoteMachine. Select all the invoices that you want to print, email or create PDFs of. If you want to do it for all the invoices, you can select all of them.

To print, you can click on the "Prepare to print" option and it will automatically send you an email with all the PDFs that you can either save for your records, or print as you need.

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