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Automate account statements creation
Automate account statements creation

How to automatically create and send account statements

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Creating and sending statements can be done easily through QuoteMachine (see article about manual creation of statements).

This process can even be automated with the steps described below.

  • Open a customer profile

  • Click on the blue link under "Account statement automation" to start configuring automated statements

  • The "Enabled" option controls if the automated statements are active

  • You can decide to automatically
             send the statement by email when it is created
             capture the statement balance on the credit card when it is created

  • Make sure to select on which day the statements should be created        

  • Once automated statements are configured you will see a sentence summarizing the configuration. You can click on it if you want to change the parameters of the automation.

Bulk-Activating automated statements for multiple customers

You may want to activate automated statements for multiple customers, or even all of your customers at once.

In the contacts section, you can simply select which customers you want to activate it for using the checkboxes. Then, following the steps highlighted below, you can activate the automated statement feature similarly to the method described above.

Note: Statements created using the automation feature use the default statement and email templates configured in your account.

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