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Create and manage locations
Create and manage locations

Organize your data based on your teams, stores or locations

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Locations let you organize your users, quotes, and invoices. Once you have two locations or more, each quote or invoice can be assigned to a location and appears in the reports accordingly.

Create a location

On the creation form, you can enter details about the location: 

More information about the fields:

  • Company name, email, phone numbers and address will populate the "From" section on every quote and invoice.

  • The time zone will affect every date and recurring invoice

  • Default tax will assign this tax on quotes and invoices created from that location

  • External links: If you are using the Lightspeed integration, you'll need to select the proper shop and register where invoices and quotes will be recorded. Inventory will show from the location you are in.

Once every field is completed, you can click on "Save" to create the location. 

Assign location to a user

Assigning a location to a user will use the location details to setup default values in quotes, invoices and reports.
To assign a location to a user, you'll need to have at least two locations and open the user edit form in My account > Users

If you don't see this field, you can try to refresh the page.
Once the proper location is selected, you can click on "Save" to confirm the change.
Note: Only Administrator roles can edit location.

What would change in my day-to-day

If you are an administrator (role), you will now see :

  • The location in the quote and invoice listing

  • The location filter in the quote, invoice listing and dashboard

  • During invoice creation, the location field in the "Invoice details"

  • During quote creation, the location field in the "Project details"

If you are a salesperson (role), you will only see quotes and invoices from your location only. This filter applies to the quote, invoice listing and dashboard. If you open a contact, you will see quotes and invoices across locations for that specific contact.

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