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Product recommendations

How to automatically get suggestions of products to add

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Product recommendations help you remember to add a specific product, as soon as a specific one is added to the pricing table.

For instance, when adding a specific shirt, you will automatically have the option to add a specific tie. All these recommendations are predefined in QuoteMachine as Product relationships.

Here are the steps to configure a recommendation

  • Access the "Sales tools" menu from the sidebar, then select the "Product relationships" tab 

  • Click the "Add relationship" button

  • Fill in the different fields
        "Description": Put something that describes this relationship. It will help you identify this relationship from the list of all the relationships.
        "Subject": The product that triggers the recommendation.
        "Object": The suggested product.

  • Save

Recommendation in action

On the screenshot below, you can see the recommendation (Pink tie) that has appeared as soon as the Slim Fit Shirt was added to the pricing table.

  • Click on the line circled with a dotted line to confirm you want to add the recommended product 

  • Confirm the quantity and click the "Add" button

  • The product has now been added to the pricing table !

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