Has the customer received my email?

How to ensure your emails are read and what to do when they are not.

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Emails are widely used for marketing purposes, and it is sometimes hard to make sure people notice your essential communications in their mailbox. This article lets you know how QuoteMachine can help to make sure your quotes and invoices are read.

How do I know if a customer has received my offer?

As soon as a quote is read, you will receive a notification in your mailbox.
Quotes and invoices have tracking analytics that you will see when you access them from QuoteMachine. 

You can see on the screenshot below, that the time spent reading the offer is reported, which is an excellent proof your document was read.

How do I know if the customer's email address is correct? 

QuoteMachine will let you know if an error was detected. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a mention that the email bounced and an error logged in the quote history.

How do I know if the email I sent is in the SPAM folder?

You will not know for sure if your email has ended up in the SPAM folder. However, you will know if the email was not read.

On the screenshot below, you can see the email was delivered, but there is no time spend reading the quote. The email may be in the SPAM folder.

What can I do to improve the deliverability of my emails?

  • Use different channels to send your documents. You can send links to your quotes or invoices via text or popular messaging applications.

  • Have emails sent from your domain rather than QuoteMachine's servers.

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