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How to use your own email servers to send emails
How to use your own email servers to send emails

How to customize the sender email address

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QuoteMachine sends emails from its servers. By default, all emails are sent from [uniqueidentifier]

Your customer will see your name in the sender field, followed by the mention "via QuoteMachine".

Of course, if your customers reply to this email, their reply will be directed to your email address.

In some cases, you might want to personalize your emails and have them sent from your servers, which will remove the mention "via QuoteMachine" from the sender name. 

Option 1 - Use QuoteMachine's servers with your own Domain Name

This configuration is complex and will need to update your Domain Name server configuration (DNS)

Contact our support team to learn more.

Every user having an email address on your domain will then automatically get access to sending emails from our servers using your domain.

Option 2 - Connect QuoteMachine to your own email account

This configuration must be performed for every individual QuoteMachine user and works with several services (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP).

Step 1 - Access your user account details by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Step 2 - Follow the steps to connect your email service.

These steps will vary depending on your provider.

In some cases, it will be a matter of authenticating with them. In some others you will have to enter IMAP server details.

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