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How to add products or services using a barcode scanner

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Barcode scanners may be used to add items to quotes or invoices quickly.

How to add products to a quote or an invoice using a barcode scanner

Step 1 - Click on "Add a product or service" on the pricing table.

Step 2- Click on the search field

Step 3- Scan a barcode

Items are automatically added in the background. You can keep scanning until you are done adding products.

How to configure a product or service to be used with a barcode scanner

From the catalog, you can edit a product or service and specify references that may be used with a barcode scanner.

Every time you scan a barcode, QuoteMachine will search for the following references for a product or service :

  • Barcode

  • UPC

  • EAN


  • QuoteMachine supports barcodes containing 12 or 13 digits.

  • If you're using the integration with Lightspeed Retail, barcodes are automatically synchronized.

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