Send a document to several recipients

How to send an email to several contacts

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To send a quote or an invoice to several recipients, you can add contacts at the email preparation step of the document sending process.

The email used to send a document is the last step of the document sending process. This step is accessed by clicking on the "Send quote" button, as illustrated by the screenshot below. 

By default, only the customer email is displayed.

Clicking on the "To" or "Cc" fields displays a list of emails coming from the contact database. This list is shortened as more letters are typed in.

Anytime, clicking on one of the displayed emails will add it to the list of recipients.

If the email you entered is not found in the contact database, you can still click on "Add" to confirm you would like to use this email address.

As with a traditional email, you can use the "To" field for main recipients, and the "Cc" field for contacts that are receiving a copy.

Once the document is sent, every email address used is displayed in the tracking information, as shown below.

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