Variable fields in emails

How to personalize emails with merge fields

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Personalizing emails with, for instance, an invoice number or a client name, will ensure optimal deliverability.

This task can be performed automatically, thanks to variables.

How to configure emails with variables

Edit email templates

You can configure email templates from the "Sales Tools" menu, and select which template to edit.

You can now insert variables that will be automatically replaced by their value, as in the below example. The list of available variables is provided at the end of this article.

Email ready to send


In the below example, we can see that the first name and invoice number have been inserted automatically in the sent emails.

List of variables available to personalize emails

Here's the list of variables that can be used in the title and body of emails.


Identifier of the sent document. Example INV-1201


Customer's first name


Customer's last name


Customer's full name


Customer's street (from the billing address)


Customer's city (from the billing address)

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