You can change the tax rate set on every single line of your pricing table or on the entire pricing table at once. If you're in a country where prices are usually displayed inclusive of taxes, you should be mindful of the impact on the resulting price of a tax change. This article explains the little nuances there.

Note: If you need help with setting up taxes in general, please refer to this article.

Changing taxes on a line item

Note: this action will change the tax rate without changing the resulting tax inclusive price. If you expect a tax rate change to also change the resulting total price, tale a look at the second method described in this article.

To proceed, use the "..." button on the same line as the item that needs to see its tax rated changed. Then, click on the tax rate name to change it.

When changing a tax on a line item in QuoteMachine, it is important to know that it will not change the total price of the line item. Meaning, if I have a $120 rug that has a 8.25% tax, the unit price would be $110.85, and the tax would be $9.15 making it $120.

Then, if I were to change the tax for the rug to 3%, the total price will still be $120. However, now it will be $116.50 for unit prices, and $3.50 (3%) in taxes making it $120.

Changing global tax on a document

Note: this will change the tax rate and the resulting tax inclusive price.

Now, if you were to change the global tax on for example a quote, the total price of the line items will change.

Note: the global tax on a document can be changed by clicking ''Change tax''.

For example, I have a quote that has a 8.25% global tax rate. The price of rug that I added is in this case $120. This amount consists of a unit price of $110.85, and $9.15 in taxes.

Now, if I change the global tax rate to 6%, the new total price of my rug is $117.51. This now consists of a $110.85 unit price, and $6.65 in taxes.

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