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Set up QuoteMachine for Shopify POS
Set up QuoteMachine for Shopify POS

A quick guide on the set up and use for the QuoteMachine Tiles on the Shopify POS

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QuoteMachine's Shopify integration can be in several ways; from a browser on it's own (, embedded in your Shopify store (Apps -> QuoteMachine), and as part of the Shopify POS app. This guide will show you the set up and use for the POS app portion of QuoteMachine.

Before you can use QuoteMachine for the POS app, you'll need to add your desired tiles to your POS. Follow the steps below to connect them. See our demonstration video below for a full walk through of the process!

1) Open your Shopify POS app, and click the 'add tile' button.

2) Choose the 'app' option from the menu

3) Click the QuoteMachine app

4) Select the tile you want to add (Create Invoice, Create Quote, Receive Payment, Open QuoteMachine). To see an explanation of each tile, click here.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 for each tile you want to add.

Video Tutorial:

For instructions on how each tile can be used, check out our article on using the Shopify POS tiles by clicking here.

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