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Import Lightspeed Retail POS (R-series) sales in QuoteMachine
Import Lightspeed Retail POS (R-series) sales in QuoteMachine

See all your transactions in QuoteMachines' "Lightspeed sales" tab

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The "Lightspeed sales" tab in your QuoteMachine invoicing section, is a great tool to keep track of both your Lightspeed transactions, and QuoteMachine invoices in the same place. It's also a quick way to generate clean invoices using QuoteMachine from sale that were made in Lightspeed from an iPad.

For transactions that create a QuoteMachine invoice, you can note the Lightspeed ID on the left, the customers name, and the corresponding QuoteMachine invoice number.

For transactions in lightspeed that do not have a customer attached, you can note the link to speed ID on the left.

These invoices have an import option. Clicking import allows you to assign this transaction to a customer which will intern create a paid invoice.

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