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Creating a Return in QuoteMachine
Creating a Return in QuoteMachine
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Issuing a return in QuoteMachine is simple, and there are two different ways you can do this. Watch the instructional video, or follow the step by step guide below. 

Step by Step Guide

The first method of issuing a return, is to start from an existing invoice. On the invoice in question, simply click return in the bottom left corner. 

Now, select which items from the invoice are being returned, and their quantity. Select 'Create return'.

Confirm the information. As always with QuoteMachine, you can edit the design of the document you're sending. Select 'Mark as done' when completed.

Here, select whether you want to refund the payment, or, select 'On Account' to create a credit memo for the amount.

Here we see a credit memo created for the refund amount.

If issuing a refund to a credit card, note that you will need to manually refund the amount in Stripe as well. 

The next method of creating a return, is to start from scratch. In the Invoice section of QuoteMachine, select 'Returns'.

Now, add the products and the quantities that are being returned. 

In this situation, you can also create a custom product using 'Quick create' in the products table, to refund a custom amount of money. See the example below. 

When the document is ready, select 'Mark as done' in the bottom right corner. Now, as before, Select where you want to issue the refund. Select 'Refund'.

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