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To issue a partial refund, first turn your quote into an invoice. In this example, we want to refund 50% of the deposit paid on a quote. 

Now, edit the invoice total to reflect the amount you want to keep. The easiest way to do this, is to discount the product to keep only half the amount of the deposit. In this case on a 30% deposit, we will discount the product at 85% to keep 15%.

Select 'Mark as done'.

Now, Click 'Receive Payment. 

Here, you will see a negative amount that is to be reimbursed, 50% of the deposit. Uncheck 'Process payment', then click 'Apply payment'.

On the contacts' invoice, we now see that they initially paid the deposit, and were refunded 50%. 

The last step will be to complete this partial refund in Stripe. You may access the Stripe page directly from the QuoteMachine invoice.

Here, select refund. 

Now, enter the amount you wish to refund.  

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