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Processing Refunds with QuoteMachine Payments
Processing Refunds with QuoteMachine Payments
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With QuoteMachine Payments, the process of handling refunds is streamlined within the application. Unlike Stripe or Square, where refunds often involve navigating to external websites, QuoteMachine Payments enables you to manage refunds directly on the Payment Processing page.

IMPORTANT: At this time, partial refunds are not supported. In the event that you need to process a partial refund, we recommend processing a full refund and then creating an invoice for the intended amount.

To initiate a refund and return funds to your customer's bank account, please follow the steps outlined below.

Note: Keep in mind that in order to reflect the refund in QuoteMachine, you have to create a return on the associated invoice or deposit. The steps detailed below are solely to facilitate the return of money to the customer's account. Check out this article on how to create a return in QuoteMachine.

To initiate a refund for a transaction, begin by navigating to the "Payment Processing" page and select the specific transaction that you wish to refund.

Inside the selected transaction click "Refund."

Select the appropriate reason for the return of the funds, proceed by clicking "Confirm Refund."

You'll see that the status of the payment changed from Successful/Processing to Canceled. This confirms the funds have been successfully returned to the customer.

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