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How to attach files to documents
How to attach files to documents

This article goes over how you and your customer can add files to a document.

Written by Emille Law
Updated over a week ago

Depending on your business needs, you may want to attach files to your documents, for example, floor plans, custom artwork, spreadsheet, etc. You may even want to allow your customers to upload files.

To do this, QuoteMachine has several concepts you can put to use:

  • Custom fields

  • File galleries

  • Custom forms

1. Use custom fields to enable file storage with your documents

Custom fields allows you to record specific information outside of the standard options.

In this case, we will be going over the custom field type "Files".

Adding a File Custom Field

To be able to add a File to your document, you will need to create a custom field. Here are the steps:

Navigate to Sales Tools > Custom Fields > + New Custom Field.

From here, you can choose your name, in this case 'Files'. Choose where you'd like to see this custom field, and what type field you'd like it to be. In this case, I will choose File.

As you can see the field type File, has many options to choose from.

Now when you create your document, you will see the Files field. You can add as many files as you want.

There are many different types of Custom Fields. You can review this Custom Fields article for more information.

2. Use file gallery to show files on customer-facing documents.

From Sales Tools > Click on the template you want > Edit Content. From here click on +Add, and choose File Gallery.

From here, choose which type of custom field you want and click save.

3. Use custom forms to let your customers upload files on their own from document

From Sales Tools > Click on the template you want > Edit Content. From here click on +Add, and choose Custom Form. Now choose File as your custom field.

Now you can select a Custom Field

  • Select custom field: Choose a pre-existing Custom Field

  • Displayed text: Determine the title displayed for the Custom Field

  • Field width: Determine field width. 12 is full width and 6 is half.

  • Required: Determine if the customer must fill-in this field to save the document

  • Click Save

Now once the customer receives the document, they will see the section where they can add the Files.

For more information on Custom Forms, please visit the Custom Forms help center article.

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