Setting up Mailchimp with QuoteMachine

Step-by-step instructions on installing the Mailchimp integration with QuoteMachine.

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The Mailchimp Integration for QuoteMachine allows you to feed accurate data about your customers into your Mailchimp account. This integration has two main objectives: automatically exporting contact data and sales history from QuoteMachine to Mailchimp. This will allow to create audiences, segmentations, and automations for follow-ups, notifications, and retargeted campaigns for things like abandoned carts.

Connecting Mailchimp to QuoteMachine

To connect QuoteMachine to your Mailchimp account, you will need to first install the app. This can be done by going to the integrations listing page on the QuoteMachine website.

  1. Navigate to the Mailchimp tile

  2. Click Add Integration

  3. Click Connect with Mailchimp

If you do not have a Mailchimp account, click Create An Account. If you already have a Mailchimp account, login using your credentials.

Once you are signed into your account, you will be asked to authorize your QuoteMachine account to your Mailchimp account.

There's one final step before the connection is successful.

Configuring your integration settings

Once you authorize QuoteMachine to link to your Mailchimp account, you will be brought to the Integration Settings page where your Portal ID will be displayed and you will have 4 options to set.

  1. List - The audience in Mailchimp that all contacts will be synced with

  2. Enable Contact Export - These are added to the List determined above.

  3. Enable Quote Export - These will be exported as a Mailchimp Cart where you can automize things like cart dropouts and retargeted marketing.

  4. Enable Invoice Export - These will be exported for post-sale campaigns.

Click Save once configured.

Voilà! Your QuoteMachine account is now integrated with your Mailchimp account!

What else do you need to know?

  • Only people are exported to Mailchimp (not companies nor suppliers).

  • All contacts are export into the "QuoteMachine Contacts" list

  • Contacts are exported as a member in Mailchimp using these QuoteMachine fields.

    • Firstname

    • Last name

    • email

    • phone number

    • address (street, city, postal code, state, country)

    • company name

    • Customer tag as a tag in Mailchimp

  • Contact creations, modifications, and deletions are synced.

  • Your Sales History in QuoteMachine (Quotes and Invoices) is exported to Mailchimp.

  • A QuoteMachine Location is mapped to Stores in Mailchimp.

  • The following product information is exported from QuoteMachine documents

    • Title

    • Description

    • First image

  • Pricing Table changes in QuoteMachine Documents are not currently synced with Mailchimp Carts.

  • Sent Quotes are exported as Carts in Mailchimp.

  • Carts are deleted when the quote is Accepted or Won.

  • Exported data from quotes to Mailchimp

    • Customer information (email, first name, last name, company name and address)

    • currency

    • total

    • taxt total

    • checkout_url (QuoteMachine proposal link)

    • Pricing Table Lines

      • product id

      • quantity

      • price

  • Export QuoteMachine invoices into Mailchimp orders.

  • Invoice returns, voids, and deletions are updated in Mailchimp.

  • Export data from Invoices to Mailchimp.

    • Customer information (email, first name, last name, company name and address)

    • currency

    • total

    • taxt total

    • checkout_url (QuoteMachine proposal link)

    • Lines

      • product id

      • quantity

      • price

      • discount

    • order url (QuoteMachine invoice link)

    • financial status

    • discount total

    • tax total

    • processed_at

    • cancelled_at

    • updated_at

    • billing address

    • shipping address

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