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Using the QuoteMachine panel in HubSpot
Using the QuoteMachine panel in HubSpot

How to create and view Quotes, Orders, and Invoices from HubSpot.

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For our installation guide, visit Setting up HubSpot with QuoteMachine.

Where to find the QuoteMachine panel

You will need to navigate to a contact's details page from which you have two options

  • Scroll down to the Deals section

  • Click on the Deal Name you wish to work on

  • From the Sidebar, locate the Deals panel

  • Click on the Deal Name you wish to work on

  • From the Sidebar, locate the QuoteMachine panel

Creating QuoteMachine Documents from HubSpot Deals

If you're using HubSpot to manage your deals, you may have noticed the QuoteMachine panel inside the Sidebar when looking at the deal details page. This panel allows you to easily export your deals to QuoteMachine as Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. Here's how it works.

  • From the QuoteMachine panel, click either

    • Create Quote

    • Actions -> Create Invoice

    • Actions -> Create Order

WARNING! Deals cannot be exported without a contact assigned.

  1. Wait for your contacts to load

  2. Select the contact for this document

  3. Click Create Document

A new tab will open with the Document prepared for you.

NOTE: Line Items in the Hubspot deal do not export to the QuoteMachine Document.

From here, you can add Product or Services to the Pricing Table, Edit the design of the quote, Mark it as done, or Send it by SMS or Email.

Viewing Quotes, Orders, and Invoices from HubSpot Deals

In addition to exporting deals, the QuoteMachine panel also allows you to view all the Quotes, Orders, and Invoices that were created from the panel of the deal you're currently viewing.

NOTE: If you create a Quote or Order from the HubSpot Deals QuoteMachine Panel, and convert the Quote into an Order, or the Order into an Invoice, these will be visible from the QuoteMachine Panel in HubSpot!

With this information, you can easily keep track of all your QuoteMachine documents related to a specific deal.

What documents will be listed under a deal's QuoteMachine panel?

  • Any documents created from the panel itself.

  • Any documents created from a document that was created from the panel.

    • Example: you create a quote from HubSpot with the “Create Quote” action. In QuoteMachine, you create an invoice from that quote. The invoice will appear in the panel if you refresh the page in HubSpot.

  • New versions of quotes created from the HubSpot panel.


The QuoteMachine panel in HubSpot is a powerful tool for managing your deals and QuoteMachine documents. With the ability to export deals and view all related documents, you can streamline your workflow and stay organized. We hope this article has helped you understand how to use the QuoteMachine panel and what information you can expect to see. Happy exporting!

What else do I need to know?

  • Upon connecting HubSpot to QuoteMachine, all Users in both apps will be mapped to each other based on their email address

  • If a new QuoteMachine account was created when connecting from the HubSpot Marketplace, all users from the HubSpot account will be created in QuoteMachine account and mapped accordingly

  • The HubSpot User who performed the installation will be the QuoteMachine account admin by default. The remaining users will assigned the Salesperson User Role unless they are a super admin in HubSpot.

  • When creating new QuoteMachine Users, you will have the option to map them to their HubSpot User

  • The Deal Owner in HubSpot will become the Document Assignee in QuoteMachine based on the first condition met below

    • A QuoteMachine user whose email address is the same as the HubSpot deal owner’s

    • A QuoteMachine user who is linked to the HubSpot deal owner based on the user mapping

    • The QuoteMachine user who installed the QuoteMachine app

  • Browser pop-ups need to be authorized for for the Documents created from Deals to open after creation.

  • Some Actions opening a modal may not work in Incognito Mode

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