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Setting up your payments terminal
Setting up your payments terminal

This article describes how to set up your QuoteMachine payments terminal once you've received them.

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QuoteMachine Payment terminals are used to collect payments from your in-store customers.

There are three models available:
Ingenico Link/2500 (wifi and mobile)

Ingenico Lane/3000

Ingenico Lane/7000 (Signature Pad)

Once you have received your hardware, follow the guidelines outlined below to pair them with your QuoteMachine system.

Setting up the Ingenico Link/2500 (WiFi)

The Ingenico Link/2500 has WiFi capabilities, follow the instructions below to connect the terminal to your WiFi network.

  1. Power on the device by holding the Green button.

  2. Use the PIN pad and enter 0 0 0 1. This will take you to the Admin Menu.

  3. Using the F2 and F3 function keys to scroll, select option 1 - Communication Type then within that menu, then continue to option 4 - WIFI. Navigate back to the Admin Menu using the Yellow back button.

  4. Select option 2 - WIFI Parameters, then option 2 - Scan Networks to search networks nearby.

  5. Select the network you wish to configure your device with and enter the network password if requested.

  6. You can exit the Admin Menu by using the back (Yellow) button or using the cancel (Red) button.

    1. You can confirm that you are connected to WIFI by looking for the green WIFI symbol at the top left of the screen. Alternatively, you can navigate to option 2 - Wi-Fi Parameters in the Admin Menu, then option 3 - My networks. Here you will find a list of all previously saved networks. If the previously selected network is online, the word connected will be under the network name.

Adding the terminal to your QuoteMachine account

1. Adding Terminal

From the left side panel in QuoteMachine, navigate to Payments Processing and click on "Add a new terminal".

2. Enter device registration code and name

​The device's registration code is a 6 digit number found on the display. In order to be able to see that number, the terminal needs to be plugged into power and also connected to an Ethernet cable or WIFI. The code changes every few minutes.

If your terminal display shows "DISCONNECTED", confirm that your terminal is connected to WIFI (refer to step 6a in Setting up the Ingenico Link/2500 above).

Once that is confirmed, restart your terminal by holding the - button (left of the Green button) and the Yellow button (above the Green button) at the same time until the ‘Shutdown In Progress’ screen is shown (about one second).

You may need to restart your terminal several times for your registration code to appear.

For the device name, you can call it as per your choice. At the end, click "Pair"

3. Confirm device is showing Paired and Available.

Note: By clicking on the device name will bring up the details of your terminal. You can use that information anytime you need to file a support or repair request.

4. Ready to Receive Payment!

Your device is now connected and you are set to collect payments through your terminal!

To collect payments through a terminal, simply click "receive payment" button on any document and select "Terminal".

You can also select the check box if you want to capture and save the credit card on file used on that transaction.

Note: If your terminal is still not showing up, confirm that the terminal was set up using the payment account associated with your desired account location.

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