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Setting up QuoteMachine Payments
Setting up QuoteMachine Payments
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QuoteMachine Payments enable you to utilize our default payment system. There's no need for third-party apps, such as Stripe or Square, to collect payments from your customers. It's a quick and straightforward setup process that takes only about five minutes.

Information Required

You will need to fill out some information about the business as well as the business owner's information to complete the QuoteMachine Payments application form.

Business information required:

  • Business legal name: The official name that appears on government and legal forms.

  • Business DBA: DBA ("Doing Business As") is a fictitious business name or trade name that's different from the legal name under which your business is licensed.

  • MCC: Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit classification code used to describe a merchant's business type, transaction type, or business name. You can find a list of different MCCs here.

  • Average monthly volume: The average monetary value of sales in a month.

  • Average ticket: The average monetary value or amount of a single sale or transaction.

  • Business address: The physical location where a business is located and operates

  • Routing number: Also known as an "ABA routing number" or "Routing transit number," is a nine-digit numerical code used to identify a specific financial institution within the banking system.

  • Account number: A unique identification number assigned to an individual bank account. The account number is usually printed at the bottom of your checks. It's typically to the right of the routing number.

Owner information required:

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Address

Activating the payment processor

Start by going to your sidebar, and selecting Payment Processing.

This will take you to the setup page, where you can start setting up your payment processor by clicking "Activate payments".

To create a QM payment, at least one unassigned location is required. Before creating your account, navigate to My Account -> Locations to create a new location or un-assign one from an existing QM payment account.

You will then be prompted to fill out the Onboarding Form requesting information about your business. This information is needed for verification purposes.

On step 5 of 6, you will be given the option to connect with a bank login (using Plaid) or to add a bank manually by entering your bank account and routing number. It is encouraged to connect with a bank login if your financial institution is supported, as adding a bank manually may cause a delay, pending the verification process.

If you proceed by connecting with a bank login, select your financial institution and log into your financial institution and complete the verification flow. Be sure to use the correct bank that you want your funds deposited to.

If your financial institution is not listed, close the Plaid window and select the option to Add bank manually.

Once you've filled out all the fields you will be prompted to review your entries, at this point, you can make any modifications or corrections. Then review and accept the Terms of Service.

Once your provided information is verified, your account status will change to "Active", allowing you to immediately begin collecting payments. This will reveal four tabs: Payments, Payouts, Settings, and Terminal.

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