This article will go over how to create a matrix and the features included

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Within the Matrices tab, you can create a new matrix, track inventory for your matrices, as well as export a CSV file of your matrices.

1. Adding a new Matrix

The Matrices feature allows you to set up a different price per product variation. To do so, select matrices from catalog section and create a new item as shown below:

Set up the matrix configuration by defining the variations:

NOTE: Please keep in mind, currently we just support a matrix of size 2 by 2.

Now, you can define a different price per variation and save it as follows:

You can find this item under the matrices section:

Then you can select the desired attributes while adding this item to a document:

3. Export Results as CSV

In the matrices tab, you can export all results as a CSV file. You can do this by clicking on Export all results at the bottom of your page, and then choose from the following 3 options.

Exporting as a CSV can allow you to edit the information you have in matrices, and import them again, by clicking on Import > CSV Import.

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