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Serial Numbers with QuoteMachine
Serial Numbers with QuoteMachine

Learn how to manage serialized products with QuoteMachine

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The feature allows you to create, assign and track serial numbers on products.

Activating Serial Numbers

In order to start using serial numbers, go to Catalog and find the product you'd like to set the feature up for. On the product's page, go to the "Searial Numbers" tab and turn on the option "Enable serial number tracking".

Creating Serial Numbers

Next step is to add serial numbers for your product. Use the "Add" button to do so.
The serial numbers will be listed below.

Assigning Serial Numbers to Document Line Items

Serial numbers can be assigned to products on orders and invoices. When you add a serialized product to a document, you'll be able to choose between the serial numbers previously created for that item.

You also have the option to create a new serial number on the fly by simply typing it in the field and clicking on the "Create / Add ..." button.

The serial number will be displayed on the product line.

By default, the serial number is also displayed on the customer's view of the document. You can, however, hide them by unchecking the option from the image below in the document design options.

Tracking Serialized Products

You can easily track your serialized products from the "Serial Numbers" tab on the product's page. The list with the serial numbers displays links to the documents that they've been assigned to. The "Edit" button on each line allows you to modify the serial number if necessary.

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