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Creating Email Templates
Creating Email Templates

How to find and create email templates

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Email templates can save you time and improve your consistency in communication by allowing your team to create pre-written messages that can be customized and reused as needed. Templates can be used for a variety of purposes, such as follow-up messages, promotional campaigns, or renewal reminders, and can be tailored to specific audiences or events.

Finding Email Templates

  1. Navigate to "Sales Tools" in the right side menu

2. Scroll down to "Email Templates"

How to Edit Your Emails

From here you can choose which emails to edit and create multiple emails for different clients and situations.

Example: Quote Email Template

You'll notice that one is set as default. This will be your default email and be the template that sends unless you select otherwise prior to sending.

To edit the content of your email, simply click on edit and you will enter this screen. Here you can change all general email options including the "Open Quote" button.

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