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Creating Payment Terms
Creating Payment Terms

With QuoteMachine you can create customized payment terms to suit your business needs, this articles details how to set that up.

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Every account comes configured with two payment terms, NET 30 and NET 15. However you might need to create additional payment terms that suit your business needs. To create a payment term start navigate to the My Account > Payment terms, click "Add payment term".

Next, in the "Name" field give the payment term and intuitive name.

The "Details" section is to determine if you want to set a fixed number of day after the quote, order or invoice is sent out, or if its due on a certain day of the month.

Finally select the number of days effective for the payment term. Don't forget to click save!

You're now ready to apply your newly created payment term to either a quote, order, or invoice.

When creating a new document you will be prompted to enter customer information, then select the payment term.

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