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What’s New In QuoteMachine for Shopify? Fall 2022
What’s New In QuoteMachine for Shopify? Fall 2022

New releases, feature updates and big announcements for what’s to come!

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Customize your Request a Quote form without leaving QuoteMachine!

Now you can modify all your QuoteMachine for Shopify E-Commerce settings without leaving QuoteMachine! Save time and make updating your settings a breeze with this new update. Learn more here

Ability to use Stripe for payments with transactions not originating from Shopify

QuoteMachine now offers the ability to process transactions using Stripe for any transactions not beginning from Shopify! If you send a customer a quote or invoice you started in QuoteMachine you can accept a deposit or full payment using Stripe. This now gives you the ability to store cards on file, take more complex deposits, and process in the back end more easily! Please note: Quotes or Invoices started from the POS are not able to use Stripe.

COMING SOON: Late Fees on Invoices

Interested in being a Beta Tester? Let us know via our support chat or at [email protected]

Coming soon! Add percentage or flat rate late fees to your invoices. Customize the fee amount, how long after the due date the fee will be applied, and more with our new system. Learn more here.

COMING SOON: Dashboard 2.0!

Interested in being a Beta Tester? Let us know via our support chat or at [email protected]

We’re releasing a brand new Dashboard for easier navigation of all your QuoteMachine data. Keep an eye out for more details to come!

Custom Attributes on Products

Save time and get more details with new custom attributes on products. With the ability to be required or optional, and filled in by you or your customer - this feature adds a whole new world of possibility to custom items in QuoteMachine! Learn more here


  • Add more custom fields to your Request a Quote form. Learn more here.

  • Take your QuoteMachine emails even more personal with new email signatures by user. Add a logo, contact information, hyperlinks and more for each of your users! Learn more here.

  • Now you can use our custom field system to add full image galleries to your quotes, orders and invoices. Learn more here.

  • Change notification settings so all assigned users receive notifications for new quotes requested

  • Add internal notes on all documents (quotes, orders and invoices)

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