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Collecting Late Fees in QuoteMachine
Collecting Late Fees in QuoteMachine

Here is a quick guide on how to collect late fees on overdue invoices.

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Along with our robust invoicing tool, you also have the ability to collect late fees on overdue invoices. This will automatically apply as soon as the document is past its payment term. Before charging your customers late fees invoices you might want to send them a friendly reminder, learn how to set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices here.

To set up your late fees navigate to My Account > Fees, click on the "Late Fees" tab.

Select "Create fee".

Enter all the corresponding information, such as the name, and select the fee type whether it's a flat amount or percentage. You also have the option of applying the fee upon the due date or enabling the fee a specified number of days after the invoice is due. In my case, I've set the fee to apply a day after the due date.

Important: You need to create a non-inventory item called "Fees" or "Late Fees". When this fee is applied to a document it will export to the designated integration (Lightspeed, Shopify, QuickBooks, Pipedrive) as "Fees" or "Late Fees".

Now you can build your invoice as you normally would, but before finalizing make sure to add the fee to the invoice. You can do so by clicking Fee > Add a Fee, select your late fee.

Once the fee is added you can alter it straight from the invoice, here you have the option to modify the fee rate as well as when it is applied.

The overdue fee is shown as 0$ in the pricing table while creating an invoice:

Then it is applied on the invoice automatically if the invoice is still unpaid after the due date:

If you're experiencing issues while setting this up, you can contact our support team via the email [email protected] or by clicking on the pink chat bubble at the bottom of any QuoteMachine page.

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