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Adding an Image Gallery to your Documents
Adding an Image Gallery to your Documents

Include an image gallery the documents you send out to give your customers a more personalized experience!

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If you're looking to curate a highly personalized quote, order, invoice, or all three, you can do so by creating an image galley using custom fields! These images will be displayed on any document you send out to your customers!

To set this up we'll start by going to your Sales Tools, then navigate to Custom Fields.

Once in the custom fields tab click "Add custom field".

Give your custom field a name and make it available from whichever document you intend to use it form. In my case I'm making it available from quotes, invoices and orders. Don't forget to save your newly created custom field.

Important: You must select "images" as your field type.

Now, when you create a new document you should see your newly created custom field.

In the example below I am building a quote that will include an image gallery with project ideas.

First you will build a quote as you normally would. If you would like a refresher on how to build a quote see this help article. Then click on your custom field to drag and drop images.

Once all you images are added click save, then make sure to add your images to your template so they're visible to the customer, you can do so by clicking "Edit design".

Add the image gallery wherever you would like on your template by clicking on the tab, then selecting "Add content after".

Click Image Gallery.

Select custom fields, pick the relevant custom field, in the case of this example it will be "Project Images", then click save. You also have the option of adding more images by dragging and dropping them in the image box.

The images will be added to your template. At this point if you're ready to send the quote to you customer you can click "Send email". However, you're not quite ready to send this out you can mark is a done and come back it later.

Important: If you would like the image gallery present on all your respective documents (either quotes, orders, or invoices), follow the steps outlined above directly on your document template in your Branding section, you can access it by clicking on "Sales Tools" on the side bar.

Now your customer will be able see all the added images, which they can click on and browse through!

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