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How to Activate the "Add to quote" button in Shopify
How to Activate the "Add to quote" button in Shopify

Activate the button so your customers can request quotes.

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Important: Please ensure Quotemachine has been added to your Shopify store and extensions are enabled. To do so, go here.

You have the ability to configure when the "Add to quote" button appears on your products, this gives you more flexibility on what products your customers can add to a quote.

Note: Even with this is disabled, if the “add to quote” button setting is enabled , it will be available on all products but the rules added will override it.

To manage when the "Add to quote" button appears, navigate to Eccomerce, then Rules Engine.

Make sure to enable the feature by toggling it on and once you select the first rule from the drop down menu, it will populate the second dropdown menu with any available choices. The third field is where you would input the values unless pre-populated.

In the example, the button will only show when the product is in stock.

This is what you see in your Shopify store before the rule if applied. The button is present.

After we apply the rule, the button disappears.

Note: if you'd like click "Add new rule" to add as many rules to this feature as you would like. To disable the rule turn off the toggle as shown below.

Important: You must apply save your change for the rules to just set to take effect.

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