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Using Custom Attributes
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Are you a seller of highly customizable products, looking to leverage more personal documents? With QuoteMachine you can create custom attributes which will enable you to collect more information about the product directly from your customers!

Custom Attributes can be added to pre-existing inventory items, or new items. If you have one standard version of a product, and one customizable version, we recommend two product listings (for example “Custom <Insert item name here>”) to keep your catalog clean.

To create custom attributes for your products follow the steps outlined below.

Navigate to your Catalog. Click “New”.

Fill out the product information as you normally would and when you're ready click “Add Custom Attributes”.

Add your product’s custom attributes, and save your changes. Note: marking the fields required will ensure your customer enters information before proceeding.

Now if you build a quote, you can enter the custom attributes yourself if you have the information on hand.

If you want to collect the information directly from your customers leave the fields blank and your customers can fill them out while they’re viewing the quote.

There is also the possibility to attach images to custom attributes by choosing "Select field"

You can also enable the possibility of multiple choices, by selecting "Allow more than one choice".

Then you can select the required option while adding this item to the pricing table:

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