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Create Your First Invoice with QuoteMachine and Shopify
Create Your First Invoice with QuoteMachine and Shopify

How to create your first invoice with the QuoteMachine/Shopify integration

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Once you've installed QuoteMachine, you can use it online or from your POS app to generate invoices. We'll show you how to create an invoice from a quote and from scratch in this article.

Click here for a guide to add QuoteMachine tiles to your Shopify POS

Option 1: Turn a Quote into an Invoice

Click here to see the steps on creating a quote on Shopify.

Any QuoteMachine quote can be turned into an invoice easily. Once you’ve won the quote, use the “create invoice” button to generate the invoice automatically.

If you took a deposit in the quoting stage, you can apply it to your invoice. Once the invoice is out of ‘draft mode’ (by clicking mark as done, SMS, or email), you’ll be prompted to apply the payment to the invoice, which will automatically apply the status ‘partially paid.’ Then you can gather the final payment from your customer!

Option 2: Start a new Invoice from scratch.

Note: if this is for a new customer, you must create the customer as a contact first. Navigate to the "Contacts" tab located at the top, then select “New contact.”

Now you can create your first invoice from scratch in a few steps:

  • Under the “Invoices” tab, click the "New Invoice" button

  • Use the “Invoice to” drop down menu to select your customer

  • Use the “Payment term” drop down menu or the calendar to specify invoice due date

  • Click “Create Invoice” to begin

[all your client information will appear at the top including any invoicing details]

  • Click “Add a product” to start adding items to the pricing table

  • Select “Mark as done” to save your quote or use the “SMS” or “Email” button to send out the quote directly to the customer.

  • In the email interface that pops up, you can check the “Include Pdf attachment” to attach the invoice as a PDF to the email. Then click “Send now” to send a copy of the invoice to your customer.

  • After your invoice has been successfully sent, you can track all your progress in one place.

Now that your invoice is created, you can find it under the invoices tab.

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