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How to collect online payments using Shopify Checkout
How to collect online payments using Shopify Checkout

How to have your quotes and invoices paid through the Shopify Checkout

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After sending out your quote or invoice, it can be very convenient for your customer when they can pay the deposit/owing amount on the spot simply by opening the document on their device, and clicking the '"Checkout'' button.

In order for that to be possible, the only thing you have to do is to turn on the "Allow payments through the Shopify Checkout on proposals" toggle. You can find this setting by going to ''My account" --> "Integrations" --> "Shopify".

In the example below, I've sent out my quote to the customer, that now wants to pay their deposit online. In order to do so, they open the quote and click ''Proceed to checkout'' which will lead them to Shopify's Checkout page.

Since Shopify doesn't allow for partial payments through their checkout, an unfulfilled, paid order will show up in Shopify after they've paid the deposit.

Then, when you turn the quote into an invoice in QuoteMachine, and take the entire amount for the invoice, another order will show up in Shopify that contains the actual products and full amount of what your customer has purchased.

In order to tell apart the order that contains just a deposit, and the order with the actual product(s) on it, QuoteMachine automatically applies the ''QuoteMachine Payments'' tag to the orders that contain the deposit.

To filter out those orders, simply click on ''Filter'', filter by ''Tagged with'' and type ''QuoteMachine Payments''.

Note: The duplicate orders only happen when customers pay online directly from your quote/invoice. If you take payments in another way, for example through QuoteMachine's backend, this will not happen.

Disable Partial Payments

If you want to completely avoid having two orders ending up in Shopify, you can choose to disable the partial payments option. This means you would only take payments in full. If you want to disable partial payments, go to ''My account'' --> ''Integrations'' --> ''Shopify'' and then toggle on the ''Only accept full payment at checkout'' option.

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