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Create Your First Quote with QuoteMachine and Shopify
Create Your First Quote with QuoteMachine and Shopify

Create your first quote with the QuoteMachine/Shopify integration

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Congratulations! Now that you’ve installed QuoteMachine for Shopify - you’re ready to create your first Quote. Here are the steps to get started:

Note: you can also create quotes directly from the Shopify POS app, see how to use the app here.

  • Start a new quote using as shown below:

  • Select one of your existing customers, or easily create a new one. Creating a new customer profile will also export the customer to Shopify.

    All your client information and project details will appear in the top section.

  • Click “Add a product or service” to add items to the pricing table. Add items from your Shopify catalog to the quote.

    Click here to check out all the ways you can make your quotes interactive!

  • Now it’s time to finalize your quote! Select “Mark as done” to save your quote, or use the “SMS” or “Email” button to send out the quote directly to the customer.

    Once email interface opens up, click "Send Now" to email your quote out to the customer

  • After your quote has been successfully sent, you can track all your progress in one place.

  • Once your customer has accepted the quote, and is ready to move forward, confirm by clicking the "Won" button found at the bottom right corner.

    Congratulations, now you’ve sent your first quote with QuoteMachine and Shopify. Ready to invoice? Check out our article here.

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