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Configuring Shopify 'Checking out as Quote' form
Configuring Shopify 'Checking out as Quote' form

A quick tutorial on configuring the 'Request a Quote' form for Shopify

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Note: this explanation is for Shopify users only. Looking for information on our request a quote function for Lightspeed E-com? Click here.

QuoteMachine brings your customers the ability to request a quote directly from your Shopify site. This form can be added to your cart page, and automatically generates a draft quote based on the products in your customers cart.

See our tutorial on adding the request a quote form here:

Step 1: From your Shopify store, navigate to the online store section, then themes, then customize.

Step 2: Using the top drop down menu, navigate to the cart page

Step 3: On the left hand side, click add section then scroll to the bottom under Apps and click Quote customer form

Step 4: Optionally, make customizations to the form on the right hand side

Step 5: Save your settings, and start quoting!

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