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Create invoices & quotes and receive payments using the Shopify POS

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QuoteMachine for Shopify offers a POS integration that makes creating invoices & quotes, as well as taking payments towards existing invoices and quotes a breeze.

Important: before you can start using them, you'll need to make sure the QuoteMachine tiles are added to your Shopify POS. We've created easy instructions for set up, you can view them by clicking here.

Here's a short video explaining how to use the POS:

Create Quotes or Invoices

The create invoice and create quote tiles function the same way.

The create quote tile can be used when you want to take the products currently in the sale, and send them to a customer as a quote. Creating a quote does not remove the products from inventory. You can add a PO number to the quote directly from the POS.

The create invoice can be used when you'd like to create an invoice for a customer, instead of running it as a regular sale through the POS. You can attach payment terms and/or a PO number to the invoice directly in your POS.

Here is an example using the create invoice tile:

First, add the customer and desired products to the cart. Then, click the 'create invoice' tile.

Next, select a payment term, optionally add a PO number, and toggle if you'd like to automatically send an email to the customer containing the invoice.

Then, click the create invoice button. Your invoice will now appear in QuoteMachine!

Receive a payment

This tile can be used to apply a payment to an existing Quote or Invoice using the POS. You can choose to pay 1 quote/invoice at a time, or take one payment towards multiple quotes/invoices.

First, attach the customer to the sale in the POS. Then, click the receive payment square.

Next, select which quotes or invoices you'd like to pay. You can switch between quotes and invoices using the top tabs.

Use the check box to select which quotes/invoices you're going to apply payments to, then click the apply payment button.

This will add the payment to the sale. You can check click the checkout button to proceed with payment as with any other sale using the Shopify POS.

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