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Troubleshooting Inventory issues in Lightspeed Retail
Troubleshooting Inventory issues in Lightspeed Retail
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If you're noticing discrepancies in your Lightspeed Retail inventory, here are a few steps to take to identify and correct the issue.

1. Are you using QuoteMachines’ Orders feature to reserve inventory?

The QuoteMachine orders feature uses a customer called “Inventory Adjustment QuoteMachine” to reserve inventory in Lightspeed retail.

In Lightspeed, it will create a $0 sale to temporarily reserve the inventory until your items are invoiced. No tax or revenue will be recorded for this. Tax and revenue will be recorded only when you invoice the items.

This is explained in detail in its’ dedicated help article, click here.

2. Are your invoices exporting correctly?

A failed invoice export from QuoteMachine to Lightspeed can mean the items were not taken out of your inventory. If you’ve recently noticed an invoice export error, try and re-export it.

3. Check your settings!

Integration settings that are incorrectly set-up, or not properly linked to their Lightspeed Retail counterpart can cause these export issues. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Payment type mapping: make sure every payment type in QuoteMachine is linked to a corresponding payment type in Lightspeed. For every payment type listed in the Lightspeed retail integrations settings, you must select the corresponding payment type in Lightspeed.

This explains in detail: click here

  • Tax mapping: Your taxes in QuoteMachine must be linked to their corresponding tax rate in Lightspeed retail, the same way as we did with the payment types.

  • Invoice export setting: In the QuoteMachine settings for your Lightspeed retail integration, be sure that your invoices are set to automatically export into lightspeed retail.

4. Ask us for help.

If you’ve gone through these steps, and are still unable to identify the issue, reach out to us using the support chat and we can help!

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