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Activate your QuoteMachine account with Lightspeed X-series
Activate your QuoteMachine account with Lightspeed X-series

How to subscribe to QuoteMachine from Lightspeed X-series

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QuoteMachine integrates seamlessly with Lightspeed X-series. This article explains how you can install the QuoteMachine app, and activate your subscription directly from Lightspeed X-series.

Install QuoteMachine

You can install QuoteMachine right from Lightspeed X-series

  • Access the apps from the "Setup" menu > "Apps"

  • Click the "Connect to Lightspeed Retail" button on the QuoteMachine card

  • Confirm you agree to grant access to QuoteMachine

Activate your account

When your trial expires or before, if you click on the little label with the remaining number of days on your free trial, you will be able to select your QuoteMachine plan and subscribe.

Confirm the plan selection and click the "Update your plan" button at the bottom.

You will then be brought to a confirmation screen in Lightspeed to confirm you agree to get the subscription charged through Lightspeed.

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