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Using Order Forms for Event Registration with Lightspeed Golf

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Let's say you host a Charity Event for your members and you need an easy way for them to register, make selections, and pay online with a credit card or to write in on their house account. QuoteMachine's Event Registration feature would be a great way to do so.

For a quick overview on how to set up Event Registration, take a look at this video:

Here's also a detailed guide on how to set up Event Registration step for step.

1. Create a new calendar event

Note: to set up a calendar event, you have to have an active calendar. For an explanation on how to set up a calendar, please refer to this article.

The first step is to create a calendar event. To do so, click on ''Appointments'' in the menu, and then on ''New event''.

After clicking "New event", you'll see the interface where you can choose the calendar you want to create an event for, as well as the date and times of the event. After selecting the calendar and dates/times, you can click ''continue'' to set up the rest of the details.

You will now be able to fill in the remaining details such as event title, event location, event description etc. When that's done, click on the blue ''Create event'' button, which will create and save the event.

2. Set up Registration Form

To actually start receiving registrations from the attendees, you will first have to set up a registration form. To do so, in the created event, click on ''New Registration Form''. You will now be asked if you want the completed forms to create a quote, invoice, or credit memo (deposit). After choosing, click ''Create a registration form'' to continue.

Now that our form is created, we can start adding products/services that our customers can choose from. You can add as many products/services as you want, organize them in groups, and even customize them by making them optional, multiple choice etc. A more detailed overview of what order forms can offer, you can find here.

3. Set up Rules

It might be that your event has a maximum capacity on certain products/services, that you only want certain customers types to be allowed to register, and/or that they have to register before a certain date. In that case, it's convenient to set up rules. When clicking on ''Edit'' next to "Rules", you'll be able to set order limits on products/services, as well as the maximum capacity of your event.

Under Expiration date and Allowed Customer Type you'll be able to set up before when your customers have to register for the event, and which type of customer can register. In this case my event is only for Members, so I changed the Allowed Customer Type to ''Member''.

When your form is all set up, you can click ''Activate'' to activate your form and to send it out to your customers.

When going back to the Order Form after a while, you'll be able to see for example how many, and which members have paid and completed the form.

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